Actually, cake is probably harder.

I’ve wanted to poke around with WebRTC for quite a while but just haven’t taken the time. Well, I took a little break from what I’ve been working on today to build a 1:1 video call tool. Given the fracturing of the messaging ecosystem, I thought it would be nice to have an uber simple video calling tool with good quality up my sleeve so that’s what I made.

You can find the code online, but first you probably want to play with it. All you need are two WebRTC enabled browsers and a couple webcams. With that you can just head over to You’ll get a prompt to allow your webcam, and then the browser window will turn into a preview of your camera. Once everything is situated, your browser URL will change to have a unique token on the end. Share the full URL with whoever you want to talk to, and as soon as they load it up and allow their webcam you’ll be in a private call! When you’re done, close the tab.

Calls are placed with WebRTC and Peer.js to establish a peer-to-peer connection. WebRTC enforces encryption as well, so all anyone will see is a stream of packets.

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