As you probably know, I pretty much just moved to Atlanta. Unfortunately, things didn’t exactly pan out with that. As a result, I decided it was time to try taking my fate back into my own hands.

As of Monday I became a full-time freelancer. Again. While initially my workload is heavily biased to freelancing, I’m hoping over time I’ll be able to productize my offerings and be able to offer more service to more people at better prices than I ever could working full-time at any one place. I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me to finish setting things up, but if you know of businesses who need some tech help send them my way. My goal is as much to be a connector as it is anything, so even if we aren’t a direct fit I’m sure I can help them find someone who is.

My areas of focuses are cloud, datacenter, networking, connectivity & telecommunications. I’m working on building out my partnerships and solution suite, but reach out if you’re in the market (or if you have any contracts expiring). Hopefully, in a few weeks I’ll have more to share but for now you can check out my new company’s website for a little more information.

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