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Basically since I’ve been able, I’ve worked on 3 monitors and the division of work has been pretty consistent the whole time. By now, I think 3 monitors is just what I think of when using a computer!

Far Left: Monitoring & Passive Information

On a highly scheduled day, this would be my calendar. Or when there’s an important event going it may be a Twitter feed or monitoring system dashboard. Sometimes it’s my email inbox, but that’s only if I’m waiting for a certain email. Other days it’s my to-do list or ticket system.

The Middle: Generally the middle monitor is my active work display. If I’m reading, writing, doing email or scheduling that’s what’s going to be on that screen.

The Right: Generally the right monitor is going to cover reference information. This can be language reference, a web browser for testing, or a collection of emails and websites I’m using to write a document or email.

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